OUR Team

Antonio Franco balongo

With more than 15 years of experience teaching Pilates, Tony Balongo is one of the few second generation teachers in Spain and the only one in Valencia (where his studio is located). He is a native British but with Andalusian blood.

 Tony is one of the references in Spain of «Traditional Pilates» (Classical). Apart of his daily tutoring, Tony also offers workshops and training for teachers in the sector for the ones who want to increase their knowledge. As well, he offers specific programs for sports/dance professionals to improve their performance and avoid injuries. 

In addition, Tony is the organizer of the well-known «Valencia Classical Pilates Conference» three years in a row from 2013-2015 in Spain that lead to open up to Traditional / Classical Pilates.

Antonio Franco Balongo- 2nd generation teacher

Enri sÁnchEz

Enri discovered the Pilates method after the birth of her first child 14 years ago, she chose this discipline for post-recovery childbirth, little by little her passion for the method was born, which lead her to get involved into various formations culminating in the teaching in different types of studies.

After being taught by different ways in different Pilates schools of the method, Enri ended up leaning towards the classic journey.

 Therefore, in 2018 she began her training in “Valencia Classical Pilates ”with Tony Franco Balongo.

As time passes, Enri never stops her day to day training in order to stay up to date on the techniques of the Classical Pilates and to become a tutor herself.

Enri Sánchez - Pilates instructor

Jessica Alejandra Wyatt

Jessica was born in Portland, Oregon, USA. She danced professionally with Joffrey Ballet (Chicago), Luna Dance Theater (Chicago) and the New York Hispanic Ballet. During her career as a dancer of almost 15 years, she began with Pilates through her godmother and great teacher Elena Bartley. She trained her, receiving her certification in Classical Pilates from the Pilates Center of Las Vegas in 2015.

In addition to Elena Bartley Jessica has studied with teachers such as Cynthia Shipley (Lifespan Pilates, NY), Blossom Leilani Crawford (Bridge Pilates, NY), Alicia Ungaro (Real Pilates, NY) and Tracey Katona (Katona Pilates, OR) all of them certified by Romana Kryzanowska.

As an instructor, Jessica has worked at CORE FOCUS (NY), Pilates Training Studio (VLC), Raquel Boti Pilates Studio (VLC), and at Valencia Classical Pilates Studio where she currently works and continues to study and improve under the mastery of Tony Balongo.

Jessica Alejandra Wyatt - Pilates instructor

Paquito Balongo

Paquito aparte de ser la mascota oficial de estudio también es el recepcionista! Te saluda el primero cuando llegues al estudio con una gran ilusión y eufórico meneo de culete!

Paquito Balongo - Pilates motivator

Joseph Pilates
Father of Pilates

Jay Grimes
1st generation instructor

Tony Franco Balango
2nd generation instructor

What is a 1st and 2nd generation teacher?

1st generation instructors are those whose training lineage comes directly from Joseph & Clara Pilates : Romana Kryzanowska, Jay Grimes, Kathy Grant, Eve Gentry, Ron Fletcher, Mary Bowen, Lolita San Miguel, Bruce King, Bob Seed and Robert Fitzgerald. 2nd generation teachers are those who studied extensively with one—or more—of the 1st generation traditional master teachers. Tess Whelan has been certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1999, she is a 2nd generation instructor.